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Welcome to the Newsbin Wiki page! This Wiki has been created for a place to store documentation, HOWTOs, tips and general Newsbin documentation. If you would like to get involved with the creation of this Wiki, please send an email to dexter at newsbin dot com requesting a username and password.

New to Usenet - Good reading for those new to both Usenet and Newsbin.

Installation Guide - Running the installer; configuring your news server; selecting newsgroups; and other initial setup steps.

Running Newsbin for the First Time - Walk through of basic first time use.

User Guide - General guide to using Newsbin. This is the document that will be of most use to new users.

Tutorials - Animated tutorials showing basic setup and usage of Newsbin

Reference Guide - Detailed reference information on each option available in Newsbin. This is the place to look if you want to know the meaning of specific options within Newsbin.

Troubleshooting FAQ - Addresses the most common problems with Newsbin you may be facing.

Shortcuts - Consolidated list of keyboard shortcuts that activate certain Newsbin functions.

Newsbin Remote - Remote Control of Newsbin

Glossary - Glossary of terms. Includes Usenet and Newsbin specific terminology.

Other Languages - Newsbin is available in a number of languages.

Versions prior to 5.50 - Archived help pages for versions prior to Version 5.50

Version 4.3x to 5.0 Guide - Outlines specific differences that people accustomed to running Version 4.3x will discover.

ISP News Server List - Newsbin won't work unless you have a news server. Check this list to see if your ISP provides one for you.

Other Operating Systems - How to run Newsbin on Linux and Mac

Need a News Server?

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